Tools I use to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of websites I build

February 27, 2020

Green Tech South West, Bristol

I gave this talk at the very first Green Tech South West meet-up. I’ve also become involved in helping to co-organise this meet-up, which I am proud to be a part of.

This was a short (ok I aimed for 15 minutes, but it was closer to 25mins – sorry!) covering the tools and approaches I use to reduce the carbon emissions of websites I build. It’s really a cut down version of my other talk Tips on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your website.

We didn’t get time for questions, which is ok because I massively overran. But there was a good buzz afterwards with people being interested in the topic, especially those who have never considered it before. A bit like where I was in summer/autumn 2019 when I really started to explore this line of thinking for the first time and thought ‘heck, why aren’t more people talking and thinking about this’.


Here’s some of the reactions on Twitter