There are a number of ways you can learn from me in the South West or England, or further afield.


I’m currently preparing my workshop offerings. For a taste of what I have been working on take a look at

Community events / campaigns

Green Tech South West

Right at the start of 2020, I co-founded Green Tech South West, with Mike Harley and Ellen Davies. Our mission is to showcase different ways digital tech can be used to make a more sustainable world and draw attention to the ways in which it can be harmful.

Our events are free and inclusive – you are more than welcome to attend whereever you are in the world.


In Feb 2021, I conceived and ran the #LetsGreenTheWeb campaign with the community.

The campaign was run to raise awareness about the fact websites have a carbon emission and to help website owners and technical teams reduce their impact.

Coding bootcamp with

Between Jul 2017 – Feb 2021 I was an coding instructor on the DevelopMe web developer bootcamp.

During that time I taught two of the modules:

  • An Introduction to coding with WordPress
  • An introduction to tooling including git, npm and gulp

DevelopMe sadly went under during the pandemic but during my work with them I was proud to have come into contact with so much new talent coming into the Bristol development scene.