Tips on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your website

December 3, 2019

Bristol WordPress meet-up

I haven’t given a talk at my own meet-up for a while so I thought I’d schedule myself in. Talking about the carbon emissions of the internet is a conversation I’d like us all to be having a lot more of at the moment. Here’s the talk synopsis which is the same talk I gave at the Swedish Internet Days conference:

My talk will be cover how to understand the carbon emissions of your website and its impact on the environment. We’ll look at techniques you can use to lessen your impact, particularly if you are a custom theme developer.

We will discuss how to reduce your page load size by looking at ways to compress images and serve them up efficiently. We will also look at techniques for optimising your code base through minification and tracking down unused code. Not only will these techniques help your green credentials, you will also produce faster loading sites that your visitors and search engines will love.