I’m a developer specialising in WordPress. I am equally comfortable in front-end and back-end coding.

With a BSc in Computer Science from Bristol University and being a people person, I make it easy for you to work with me to get the technical WordPress solutions you need.

Here’s some of the WordPress services I provide:

  • Build theme and/or site from scratch
  • Customising or improving an existing site
  • Make changes to an existing premium theme
  • Setting up, modifying or managing WooCommerce shops
  • Move your site’s hosting
  • Advice on plugins or themes
  • Help with managing content
  • Ongoing support and maintenance


Here are some of the agencies in the UK I’ve worked with. I’m usually under an NDA so I can’t be specific about what projects I’ve worked on, but you can click on their logos and visit their websites to get an idea of the kind of cool stuff they usually do.


I also have a few clients in my own right. Here’s some of my recent work with these individual businesses.


Creators of the best pies (personal opinion, but mm… they are good).

PieMinister has been in business since 2003 making cracking pies. They are a well-known and loved Bristol based company with a flair for creativity and down-to-earth practices.

They approached me to give their website some serious love and modernisation, and to work with them on an on-going basis to ensure the website kept pace with the company’s direction and goals.

State of Liberty

Providers of online well-being retreats.

SOL’s WordPress site powers their entire busines through providing a platform that allows users to purchase and access their online membership content.

I provided consultancy to the team on the best way to use WordPress and worked up staged plan that I delivered using Agile project management techniques.

Drive Electric

Electric car hire company.

I supported Drive Electric’s in-house marketing team to entirely restyle their website. They selected an off-the-shelf WordPress theme which I customised to suit their needs. I continue to support and advise this lovely team on an on-going basis.

Realise Design

Product designers.

I worked with the Realise team to give some much needed love to their existing website to improve it’s performance and also iron out bugs.