WordPress developer

Regretfully, I am not taking on any new WordPress development clients for the foreseeable future.

However, if you’re keen to learn more about my past experience and technical skills then read on.

I’ve been specialising in WordPress since 2014. I’ve got a deep knowledge of how WordPress works and how to get the best out of this fantastic system for every business requirement.

I have a BSc in Computer Science from Bristol University and am also a communicative people person. My aim is to make it easy (and hopefully fun!) for you to work with me to get the technical WordPress solutions you need.

Here’s some of the WordPress services I (used to) offer:

  • Build theme and/or site from scratch
  • Customise or improve existing site or theme, including off-the-shelf themes
  • Troubleshoot / fix slow or badly behaving sites
  • Set up, modification or technical management of online stores using WooCommerce
  • Multi-lingual sites
  • Move hosting
  • Consultancy on the best ways to get WordPress to do what you need, including advice on plugins or themes
  • Advice and action on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your WordPress site
  • Training on how to manage content
  • Ongoing support and maintenance

Please note that I don’t provide graphic design or branding services, but I know some great people who can help in that department!


I typically work directly with clients in my own right. Here’s some of my recent work I’ve done with these individual businesses.


Electronic signature software Signable are a Bristol based software house offering electronic signing software. If you’ve ever bought a house and thought, there must be an easier way than sending wet signatures around, you probably wished for Signable! The team at Signable approached me in early 2019 to take on their existing websites, which had been developed in house and were ripe for some serious WordPress expertise. Today I support a number of sites in their portfolio, including a Dutch translation of their main site.


A coalition of European organisations pushing for system change around repair

The repair.eu team came to me to help them build their multi-lingual site in a short timeframe. I used a pre-built theme and customised it to show off their new brand. I also created custom Gutenberg page builder blocks so they can create complex page layouts themselves without needing to come back to me all the time.

I continue to work with the parent organisation of this team, The Restart Project and provide ongoing services via a retainer across a multitude of websites they run.


Travel & health insurance industry conferences

I worked with ITIC (part of the Voyageur Events and Publishing group) to produce a beautiful & clean looking site that’s easy to manage. The site draws most of the conference information from a third-party system called Aventri via an API. This means that the content team need only manage the information in one place – win!

I worked with the Voyageur group from July 2019 until June 2022 – who have such a great eye for design and detail – to support this site and a few other WordPress sites in their group.

The Green Web Foundation

NGO promoting a sustainable and green internet

I work with the good folks at TGWF on a number of sites. Most recently I undertook transforming their existing website into a more performant and on-brand site.

With tight budgets, I selected an off-the-shelf theme and customised it using a child theme approach.

I also disentangled a lot of the code powering the green web checker from the previous theme, and refactored it into its own plugin.

Other sites include Branch Mazagine.


Creators of the best pies

(personal opinion, but mm… they are good)

PieMinister has been in business since 2003 making cracking pies. They are a well-known and loved Bristol based company with a flair for creativity and down-to-earth practices.

They approached me to give their website, which includes an e-commerce store, some serious love and modernisation. I worked with them from autumn 2018 until summer 2021 to ensure the website keeps pace with the company’s direction and goals.


Here are some of the agencies in the UK I’ve worked with. I’m usually under an NDA so I can’t be specific about what projects I’ve worked on, but you can click on their logos and visit their websites to get an idea of the kind of cool stuff they do.

Is she for real?

Don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what some of my clients and previous colleagues have to say about working with me. More recommendations can be found on LinkedIn profile.

  • Energetic and ever positive, Hannah combines strong leadership skills with great experience of designing and embedding effective change in complex organisations. She’d be an asset to any business, and also happens to be great fun to work with.

    Hugh McCurrich – Programme Delivery Manager at Environment Agency

  • Hannah has been an absolute dream to work with this past year. Her talent for understanding people as well as she understands code is second to none and working with her has completely transformed the way we develop our website. Hannah is optimistic, down to earth and very talented, an all-round superstar!

    Cath EllisPieminister

  • Hannah did so much to improve our business by the end we were unrecognisable. She has a very special blend of human, business and technical skills which means she can operate within (and improve) teams and work autonomously when she needs to. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hannah to any business.

    Keith Devon – Co-founder & Front-end Developer at Highrise Digital

  • The WordPress solution Hannah created for State of Liberty is genius. We wanted flexibility and that’s what we got. Hannah foresaw needs we didn’t yet know we had and built a robust site that is allowing us to adapt and respond to our customers without needing further development.

    Sophia Duffy – Co-founder and product designer at State of Liberty

  • Hannah was exactly what our business needed! She took a garbled brief for a website and produced the complete package. Plus she understood the product to the point that she wrote information materials for distribution. She has a very comprehensive skillset.

    Kathy Bellamy – Director at Shire Systems (South Pacific) Ltd

  • She is very versatile and I have worked with her as a creative ideas person, a technical guru and a capable strategic leader. She often sees opportunities where others see challenges and solutions where others are stuck in the problems. I can’t wait to work with Hannah again.

    Anthony Parsons – A business, social and environmental innovator