How to make digital technology more sustainable

November 15, 2021


Talk synopsis

Did you know that the internet is thought to produce about the same carbon emissions as the aviation industry’s fuel consumption? And if the internet was a country it would be the sixth biggest polluter in the world. It’s shocking, isn’t it!? The cloud isn’t as fluffy and harmless as you might think…

Digital technology provides wonderful opportunities to reach and engage others, often in ways that aren’t possible using offline methods. But digital does have a significant environmental cost, which many in the tech industry aren’t conscious of.

In this talk, we’ll discuss how digital technologies cause pollution and how technologists can reduce the environmental impact of the tech they build, manage and use.

Audience questions

  • Is the trend of simpler design a good thing?
  • What do you think about the metaverse?
  • How can data science by more sustainable?
  • What are your opinions on greenwashing by companies such as Apple?