How to Reduce the Environmental Impact of the Digital Technologies you are Responsible for

February 17, 2021

PHP Leeds

A fun event that happened to coincide right with the #LetsGreenTheWeb campaign I’ve been organising with

Mark Taylor, one of PHP Leeds main organisers, and I met back in autumn 2020 when I did a similar talk to PHP South West. So it was with great pleasure that I gave a slightly revised version of the talk to PHP Leeds.


We had some great chat after the talk and good questions such as:

What’s the single biggest thing I can do as a developer to mitigate my environmental impact?

I said use renewable energy, but honestly I should have said stopping buy so much tech you don’t actually really need. Hindsight is a wonderful thing!

What’s the environmental impact of serverless vs traditional server based technologies?

I said, serveless is generally better as it serves up flat HTML files, however Javascript can be hugely power consuming on the user side. So whilst serverless is generally the way to go (or heavy caching), it can still be hugely polluting if done badly.