Making the Most of Online Learning

November 12, 2020

Catalyse Change CIC

I was invited to come along to this event to share my career journey with young women (aged 16-24) who are interested in sustainability.

It was an off the cuff presentation, as I was invited at quite short notice and that didn’t leave me time to prepare slides.

I was pleasantly surprised at the positive response I got from sharing my career path from the others. I guess I take it for granted that there’s no such thing as a traditional career path (mine certainly hasn’t been) and it was nice to be able to share the twists and turns I’ve taken. Even though I studied Computer Science at university I haven’t always worked in a technical job. My seven years at the Environment Agency were distinctly managerial in flavour, and whilst I did work as an IT portfolio manager for quite some time I definitely wasn’t coding as part of my job!

It was also nice to reflect on some of the ways of thinking you develop as a successful self-employed freelancer, and to realise how much time and effort I’ve put into embedding those in to how I work. For example:

  • working on my ability to say ‘no’
  • not waiting for permission to do things – just doing them
  • managing my ever-present imposter syndrome and confidence wobbles

I also loved hearing from the other speakers too about their own career paths and advice they had for making the most of online learning.

Spending time around and hearing from younger people is so enjoyable. I love the fresh perspectives!