Aarhus 23 conference

November 8, 2023

Aarhus, Denmark

Gov’t Digital Web track

Digital is physical – representing the physical resources your digital estate consumes

It can be surprising to think that digital services have their own carbon footprint, consume water and are built upon fifty of the world’s ninety naturally occurring elements, many from conflict areas.

So digital is best thought of as a physical entity, not floating harmlessly in a cloud somewhere else. Digital comes from the environment around us and right now we’re taking more than our fair share.

In this interactive session we’ll dive into the topic of digital sustainability and think about these three key resources: greenhouse gases, water and rare raw materials.

We’ll learn about where these resources come from, how can we quantify them in relation to our digital use, and share ideas about what your organisation can do to make a difference.

A short write-up of the event on LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/posts/hanopcan_digitalsustainability-sustainability-activity-7130500086895112193-uGgm