Tips on how to reduce the carbon emissions of your WordPress website

April 13, 2021

WP Hooked

This was my favourite online meet-up for quite some time. We were a small group, about 12 in all. But sometimes that makes things way more fun. Everyone was engaged and genuinely seemed interested in the topic, and I’ve received some nice feedback as a result. The other nice thing (for me anyway!) was the talk wasn’t recorded. So it was a bit more like being in an actual room and the pressure was off. Most enjoyable.

A few topics of discussion that came up:

  • How Gutenberg has improved/set back performance in websites – specifically images in columns
  • How do you vet a company that outsources it’s hosting to one of the big cloud hosting providers (like AWS, Microsoft etc)
  • How do you show your client the value of your work if you remove something
  • What are the best, most sustainable options for personal machines (desktops/laptops etc)