How to reduce your digital carbon footprint

December 10, 2020

ELT Footprint UK

Hannah Smith speaking for ELT Footrpint UK

Talk synopsis

Did you know that the internet is thought to produce about the same carbon emissions as the aviation industry’s fuel consumption? And if the internet was a country it would be the sixth biggest polluter in the world. Shocking isn’t?

Digital technology provides wonderful opportunities to reach and engage others, often in ways that aren’t possible using offline methods. But digital does have a significant environmental cost, which most of us aren’t conscious of.

Join us on Thursday 10 December at 16:00hrs GMT with technology expert Hannah Smith for insights, discussions and practical advice on reducing your digital carbon footprint at work and at home.

Hannah Smith is a freelance WordPress developer from Bristol with a BSc in Computer Science. Before freelance life, amongst other things, she honed her management skills at the Environment Agency, where she managed large business change projects. She’s co-founder of Green Tech South West and is on a mission to raise awareness about the environmental impact of digital tech. She also likes dogs, plants and snow!