Based in the South West of the UK, I work with SMEs who want to understand and improve the sustainability of the digital tech they’re responsible for.

I come armed with a big old smile and a swiss-army knife of service offerings that broadly divide into three categories:


I hold workshops and write articles to help others understand the implications of digital tech on sustainability, and to take action.


I speak at conferences, to tech teams and at community groups to raise awareness and inspire action.

Tech consultant

I draw on my experience as a developer to guide individuals and teams on how to take action in their organisation.

How can I be of help to you?

Do you need:

  • Help with knowing where to start with digital tech sustainability?
  • Technical advice from a trusted person who speaks ‘human’?
  • To learn more about how to take meaningful steps towards sustainability in the digital tech industry?
  • An energetic and fun female speaker who can speak at an event or to your team?

Drop me a line through my contact page and let’s have a chat.

Is she for real?

Don’t just take my word for it! Here’s what some of my clients and previous colleagues have to say about working with me. More recommendations can be found on LinkedIn profile.

  • Energetic and ever positive, Hannah combines strong leadership skills with great experience of designing and embedding effective change in complex organisations. She’d be an asset to any business, and also happens to be great fun to work with.

    Hugh McCurrich – Programme Delivery Manager at Environment Agency

  • Hannah has been an absolute dream to work with this past year. Her talent for understanding people as well as she understands code is second to none and working with her has completely transformed the way we develop our website. Hannah is optimistic, down to earth and very talented, an all-round superstar!

    Cath EllisPieminister

  • Hannah did so much to improve our business by the end we were unrecognisable. She has a very special blend of human, business and technical skills which means she can operate within (and improve) teams and work autonomously when she needs to. I would have no hesitation in recommending Hannah to any business.

    Keith Devon – Co-founder & Front-end Developer at Highrise Digital

  • The WordPress solution Hannah created for State of Liberty is genius. We wanted flexibility and that’s what we got. Hannah foresaw needs we didn’t yet know we had and built a robust site that is allowing us to adapt and respond to our customers without needing further development.

    Sophia Duffy – Co-founder and product designer at State of Liberty

  • Hannah was exactly what our business needed! She took a garbled brief for a website and produced the complete package. Plus she understood the product to the point that she wrote information materials for distribution. She has a very comprehensive skillset.

    Kathy Bellamy – Director at Shire Systems (South Pacific) Ltd

  • She is very versatile and I have worked with her as a creative ideas person, a technical guru and a capable strategic leader. She often sees opportunities where others see challenges and solutions where others are stuck in the problems. I can’t wait to work with Hannah again.

    Anthony Parsons – A business, social and environmental innovator